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Water's revenge


EGEB, PUM and other water brigands will never miss an opportunity to prove that it makes no sense putting all water in the city underground. Now water itself seems to reclaim its place in the city.

Below excerpts of some news­paper articles.

Rue Philippe Baucq (Etterbeek) - 11 May 2012

The road collapsed at the height of number 90 rue Philippe Baucq in Etterbeek while a truck was passing by. The truck was absorbed in the hole with a depth of about meters. Four homes were evacuated and the street was closed to traffic. At the origin of the collapse could be a water leak.


Avenue Guillaume Stassart (Anderlecht) - 14 February 2012

Road collapse, a problem of collectors and/or connections to drains, caused by frost. The building site could take several weeks and the main road will be closed for the duration of the works.


Avenue Rogier (Schaerbeek) - 25 November 2011

A leak in a water pipe caused the road to collapse at the Avenue Rogier in Schaarbeek. The finding was made when a parked car partly disappeared in the “hole” measuring 8 metres by 4 and 3 meters depth.


Avenue Henri Jaspar (St Gilles) - 20 July 2010

A hole of 4 to 5 meters deep ­appeared at the Avenue Henri Jaspar in Saint-Gilles. The hole ­according to the police had the size of a small family car. The authorities initially thought it was a gas leak, but this hypo­thesis has been rejected. Firefighters Brussels Sibelga and Vivaqua are on the scene and analyze the situation.


Avenue Generaal Jacques (Ixelles) - 8 June 2010

A hole measuring 4 by 5 meters, appeared following a leak in a major water pipeline at about 2:00 p.m. tuesday afternoon on the Boulevard General Jacques in Brussels.


Chaussee de Vleurgat (Ixelles) - 14 June 2010

A leak in a water pipe caused an underground slump at the ­junction of the Chaussée de Vleurgat and the Avenue Louise in Ixelles.


Chaussee de Louvain (Evere) - 21 June 2010

A road collapse was established on Monday morning on the Chaussee de Louvain in Evere, at the height of Avenue Cicéron. The police set up a security perimeter around the collapse, motorists can still take the road but have to slow down considerably.


L’avenue du roi Chevalier (Woluwe-St-Lambert) - 27 June 2010

A collapse of the road took place in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, at the intersection of the Avenue du Roi and the rue du Menuisier. A rupture of the main sewer is causing the damage. The manager of the drainage network, Vivaqua, found that a portion of about 30 meters of collector sewer had to be renewed.


Rue Dansaert (Bruxelles) - 30 September 2009

This morning, at the rue Antoine Dansaert, there is water and mud everywhere, as part of the road had collapsed. A bubbling geyser gushed in the middle of the road at night and the origin is still unknown. Works to the sewer system were taking place but experts will have to determine the cause of the accident. A water pipe broke at the corner of the Vieux Marché aux Grains and rue Dansaert, not far from the Bourse and St. Catherine. The whole place was inundated, and along with some surrounding streets inaccessible to traffic. Thirty cellars were flooded by water and mud.


Rue Fetis (Etterbeek) - 10 November 2009

A road collapse occurred in the road, at rue Fetis. Impossible to even have the vaguest idea on ​​the magnitude of this “hole” that unexpectedly occurred last Friday, avenue d’Auderghem Etterbeek. And the invisible hole re-occurred in the road, at the height rue Fetis, in the direction of Schuman-Chasse.



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