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Drinking rain water?

Through the development of the water point, our aims moved from creating just a meeting place, to test how far we could go in purifying urban water or even making it fit for human consumption. We started investigating drinking water standards (according to EU, WHO, ISO guidelines), probes, filter systems and measuring devices and forged alliances with chemist and DIY water-engineers.

Eau Propre | Proper Water :: The BOOK

From digging for water to drinking rain

[Creative Coommons 3.0, Brussels, june 2013]

Ball This booklet recounts a 2 year journey from digging for own proper water to drinking rain water. In doing so it shares insights, but also very practical knowledge about filtering water, as well as objects that will be available (also for others) to use like the "ProperWaterPavilion", the "Pacco-test" or the "City Mine(d) TAP".
Many individuals and collectives played a crucial part in the story, because they illustrate the crucial role of social relations in interventions in public space.
Three authors with a long track re-cord in water related activities, describe the past (Michel Bastin - Etats Généraux de l'Eau à Bruxelles, Maelbeek dans Tout ses Etats) and the future (Dominique Nalpas and François Lebecq - EGEB) of water in Brussels. A description of collapsing infrastructure illustrates their points.
The booklet is not the end point of the journey. Because different parts continue, it is more a stop along the way, and by putting it in writing a way of sharing the experience and opening the debate to a wider group.

Available online in our
boutique, at City Mine(d) offices or in Brussels Bookshops (Maelström, Passa Porta, Sterling Books, Tropismes, Wiels Bookshop, ...)

265 pages, bound, 17cm x 11cm x 1cm, Fr-Nl-Eng
other DIY filters

As part of EauPropre I ProperWater the low tech water purification system would be connected to the rain harvesting pavilion. This led to some technical specification: the system had to be mobile and compact, had to work with changing flow rates, and be able to filter rain-water at the simple request of passers-by/visitors, without ha­ving to make them wait too long.

Therefore (and much to our regret) the following plans had to be abandoned. These methods were too slow, too uncertain or required electricity or constant care.

We decided to list them here below, just for the fun of it:

Proper Water Pavilion (2012-13)

In an attempt to turn rain, public space enemy number one, into an ally, a temporary structure was imagined that with a funnel roof would capture rain water which would then be made fit for human consumption. It would prove the ideal catalyst for a series of discussion, debates, exchanges, the creation of artefacts and spin-off projects that carry on beyond the initial project.

Filter System Pavilion 2.0 (2013)

The Proper Water Filter system

The filter set-up that survived drinking quality tests is a combi­nation of pre-filtration already taking place in the storage tank, and a collection of four micro-filtration (membranes with pores of 5 and 0.1µm) and ultra-filtration (membranes with pores between 0.1 and 0.01µm) filter heads that last for about six months.


City Mine(d)

Eau Propre | Proper Water by City Mine(d)
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